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Moxtek improves production output and eliminates traceability concerns thanks to implementation of TME® MES

Moxtek, a leader in the polarizer industry, faced significant challenges in maintaining high product quality, regulatory compliance, and optimal operational efficiency. Aiming for a complete digital transformation, Moxtek turned to MASS Group for implementation of the TME® Manufacturing Execution System (MES).
The Challenge

Poor Data Management: Manual data entry and tracking led to unacceptable error rates and hampered real-time decision-making.

Inconsistent Quality: Quality standard struggles led to frequent scrapping of defective products, eroding customer trust and satisfaction.

Low Production Yields: Frequent substandard product batches and elevated scrap rates led to compromised efficiency and increased operational costs.


The Solution

Seamless System Integration: Implementation of the MES was smooth and efficient without any unnecessary downtime or disruptions.

Statistical Process Control (SPC): Real-time feedback and control over the manufacturing process is significantly reducing variability, leading to  improved product uniformity.

WIP Management System: A custom work-in-process (WIP) management system provides precise control of materials and production stages, improving efficiency and resource allocation.

The Results

Moxtek calls the solution a powerful foundation for operations, and has seen a substantial increase in cost savings since implementation. Thanks to a seamless deployment of TME® and meticulous training and support from MASS Group, Moxtek has realized a profound transformation in their manufacturing operations. 

TME provided Moxtek with the reassurance and stability to alleviate its concerns about traceability, efficiency, and compliance. Production yields surged thanks to improved product consistency. Quality and customer satisfaction soared as the robust SPC and WIP management solutions enhanced real-time visibility and control. 

“TME® has proven to be incredibly intuitive and versatile. The system serves as a foundational piece to our production processes and easily addresses all of our manufacturing needs. We’ve completely erased any traceability concerns.”

Eric Johnson Metrology Engineer Moxtek, Inc.

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